Thursday, July 20, 2006

Almost finished...

I started working on HoHRH yesterday evening. I've accomplished a lot. I am on the grass / vine at the bottom and I need to finish the windows / door. Another day's work, I guess, to get it done.

Then, I need to finish up Garland Fair.

That day and a half off from stitching threw me off schedule.

I'm taking a short break to do laundry and house-cleaning, then I'll be back on task.

You know, I really could finish one house per month if I stick with it. After GF is done -- there is really nothing pressing as far as the WIPs go except my never-ending goal of finishing the top half of ATS.

I have 11 days to finish GF, House #1, and the cloud on ATS. It looks like my goal for ATS may not be met. Oh, well. I have tried. And I do have ONE finish this month! YIPPEE!!! I am pretty sure I'll finish GF this weekend, too.

Two finishes a month is not bad... not bad at all.

I've also been a very good girl -- I haven't started A New Beginning or Washday again yet. I am keeping firm to my decision not to start anything new until GF is completed.
It's tough. Both of those projects are just screaming at me. I can hear them every time I lift the lid on my stitching box. Their plaintive cry tugs at me, but I am strong.

Mainly I'm strong because M and M are sitting right there and won't let me get away with anything.


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