Tuesday, June 06, 2006

And They Sinned

I am working fairly steadily on *And They Sinned* by Examplar Dames this week.

I have a goal.

Yes, I know I've said that before, but this time I mean it. (Fingers crossed!)

I want to finish, AT LEAST, the top half of page one this month. I've made some strides this week -- even though I had one minor setback when I realized that I had failed to finish up the large Angel's right wing. *sigh*

Anyway, that's done and I can tackle the never-ending cloud. I have six -- count 'em, six! -- skeins of GAST Pebble -- and everyone of those skeins has a different colour scheme! That ought to make that cloud more interesting!

I'm also going to go 'round the outside stitches of the cloud with DMC Silver Metallic -- as I feel every cloud should have a Silver lining.
Don't you?

I'm trying to keep a diary of this particular project -- floss colour changes... additional fibres or beads or charms used... posterity, you know.

I've already made a couple of changes... the large angel's dress was to light for my tastes, so I used GAST Blackberry. The skin is Cotton Candy... and substituted DMC Metallics for the crowns.

The next big change will be to 'clean up' some of the clutter from that first page... all of those little 'star' motifs and the butterflies.

I am going to put in a Scottish Saltire and an American flag... a couple of thistles and a Star of David...

I just have to finish that damned cloud.

After finishing the top half of ATS, I am going to concentrate on House One of HoHRH.

I have my reasons: I want to be AT LEAST 1/3 done with both of those before I begin Elizabeth and The Lavender Sky. No way I can have 3 BAPs going all at the same time -- I'd go mad. Well, madd- er. :D

The smaller projects? Well, I always manage to fit those right in, don't I?

Garland Fair is on my current "to do" rotation -- I just have to work on ATS first and foremost.
I want to finish ATS.

After all, I am only doing it because Saddeeky forced me into it.

She threatened me, ya know.

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