Friday, March 03, 2006

MIRABILIA... How'd I get so many duplicates???

I've wound up with 6 duplicate MIRABILIA charts... how I did that, I don't really know.

I've posted them for sale on a few XS-related web-groups and message boards.

Normally, I don't end up with duplicate charts... I tend to have a fairly good memory for things like that.

I found them when searching for my Mirabilia "Elizabeth and the lavender Sky". That's a project I intend to start once I've finished up Page One of ATS and / or 1/3 of the houses of HoHRH.

That project will be for my DD -- She's my pride and joy -- and I want to do something extra-special for her. When I do Red Velvet Sampler, I am going to re-arrange the letters to form her name (the name we call her at home).

Big ambitions... good intentions... the road to hell...

Anyway... I'm hoping someone will take pity and buy the charts...

They are:
The Baby Boat
Blooming Bride
Stone Roses (have two of those to sell)
English Roses (two of those as well)

*sigh* Wish me luck!

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