Sunday, March 19, 2006

An end in sight... or not.

I can see two finishes in my near future: Thistle Manor and Be a Dragon. So why can't I see a finish for the two BAPS? Hhhhmmm... maybe it's because I am doing such a fine job of procrastinating everytime I sit down to work on them?

I know they have to get done -- before I am old, feeble, and blind. I keep telling myself that it's a matter of priority. But... I think I'm lying to myself.

I just like starting new projects and working on them first... until they become UFOs. I have several of those. Most of them are Just Nan projects from way back. I'm positive I'll get around to them. One day.

In the meantime, as I finish the last stitches on Thistle Manor, I am already thinking ahead to Atelier Brodeuse. It's all kitted and ready to go. Elizabeth and the Lavender Sky is kitted as is Washday Again. Miss Lila's House, too.

And ATS and HoHRH? Languishing... forlornly awaiting my return to the land of big projects.


Is there some type of support group for stitcher's like me?

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