Saturday, February 18, 2006

WIPs: A whole bunch of 'em!

My dear Mother, Bless her heart, was a huge help to me when I was so sick in December and January...

She went round the house gathering up all the XS materials I had strewn everywhere (actually, my DD and I are both guilty of this) and put it into a couple of small boxes.

I went thru those boxes whilst watching the Olympics last night -- and found

Several of them. At least, however, they're small WIPs. I am none to happy with myself over this.

One is almost finished... The Passion Broderie I began just before CATS in September: I'm over 3/4 done with it (and darn it, I WILL finish it this week!). One has only one band of approx. 10 finished (it's Just Nan's Gillyflower Grace). Another is just started.

I am determined to finish all of these before beginning another project. No sense wasting any more time -- and just think -- I can get three Happy Dances in short order if I put my heart and needle into it.

Why... why do I do this to myself? Will I never learn???

Uhm. Well. No, probably not.

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