Monday, February 13, 2006

A Semi-Productive Weekend!

I spent a lot of time out of the house on Saturday -- so I didn't get in much stitching time. But, in the end, I managed 4 or 5 hours on Autumn Dragon.
I really thought I might finish it this weekend -- no such luck.

I did receive some new Vikki Claytion silks this weekend! Inky Depths and Dragon Blood -- killer colours!
I have plans to use Inky Depths as a substitute for Black in Houses of Hawk Run Hollow -- I think this Deep Purple and Royal Blue variegated will give much more depth and texture to the piece.

Today... I'll work on Autumn Dragon. Although... ATS is really screaming at me. Maybe I'll work on ATS this morning and Autumn Dragon tonight. *sigh* Decisions, decisions!

After Autumn Dragon is finished, I'll begin Be a Dragon -- also from Enchanting Lair. I plan on using Inky Depths in place of DMC Black on that one, too.

Can you tell I'm hooked on that colour right now?

Off for another cuppa coffee...

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