Saturday, January 14, 2006

Resolution broken...

I swore I would NOT begin another project until both ATS and HoHRH were finished.
I lied.

I have two new projects that I am going to start tonight:
*Be a Dragon* and *Autumn Dragon* -- both designed by Laura Dickson of Enchanting Lair.

I have to do it. My 16th anniversary approaches and these are my gifts to Mike. He loves Dragons -- in fact, he wears a silver Dragon ring that I bought him for our 14th anniversary.

I am going to stiching *Be a Dragon* on 28 ct. Heather from
Picture This Plus using Jo Fisher's Dinky Dyes silk.

I'll be stitching *Autumn Dragon* on a 32 ct. pale lavender / light grey swirls from Silkweaver and also using Dinky Dyes silk #95 Airlie. I love the colours in that silk -- it will be perfect.

I have been so darned sick and so darned exhausted that I haven't even felt like picking up needle and thread for over a month now. Now, I am beginning to feel human again and it's time to work on something -- now's the time to work on my anniversary gifts.

These are not terribly large projects... not all that involved at all. So, it will make a quick and simple break from the BAPS.

Wish me luck!

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