Sunday, November 20, 2005

A new stitcher is born...

My 13 year old DD had a friend spend the night with her last night. They did the usual girlie things... watched a movie... lip-synced to their favourite songs... ate pizza... and then...

My dd's friend asked me to teach her to cross stitch (she's been watching me do this for years). I eagerly agreed and pulled out my trusty Mentoring Kit from DMC.

M. decided to stitch along with her friend to give her support and advice (which is often more readily taken from another kid than a parent or teacher!). They worked on the small Cyclamen kit. Both of then got a fair amount done in the two hours they worked on it.

M. got a bit further as she's had a needle in her hand for years... since I put a piece of 7 - ct aida (Tula?) and a large plastic needle in her hand when she was just two.

N. wants to come over a couple of afternoons a week until it's done so that she'll have a hand-made Christmas gift for her Mom this year. I told that would be fine and when she finished the kit, I'll buy a small frame to put it in and wrap it for her.

Have we got a convert to the stitching world? I hope so! She so enjoyed looking thru M.'s and my stitching bags... she fondled some fabric... oooohhhhed and aaahhhhed over charts and beads...

If she keeps stitching, M. and I plan on buying her a small stitching bag for herself -- and fill it with a few pieces of aida, needles, floss, and some easy, beginner charts.

We may even end up doing two of these as M.'s other close friend down the street has expressed interest as well.

I think M. really enjoyed this, too. It was her first mentoring experience and I think she felt... proud... that she was passing on her love of her craft.

All 'round, it was a fine night.

The pizza wasn't bad, either!

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