Thursday, November 17, 2005

Change in the Weather...

It's chilly... 55 degrees... Maybe Fall is arriving to the Southeast. I hope so... it's been a long... long... hot summer.

Maybe now, I really can settle down and make some progress on my WIPS. I am not a summer stitcher. Hot weather just wears me down.

I'm a cold weather gal. A Winter stitcher. Give me blankets and throws and my Nan's afghans to wrap up in and I'm happy... add hot chocolate, coffee, and apple cider... blueberry muffins and scones... and I'm at my best.

So... today... I stitch. Taking turns on Thistle Manor and Houses of Hawk Run Hollow.

But first... it's off to China Delight for some of Amy's Hot and Sour Soup!

Of course... I could come home and bake a spiced apple cake for M. It's her favourite! Brew up some Cafe Procope from Gevalia...

Yeah... that would just about make a perfect day...

And thank G_d for it.

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