Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quaker Garden and The Stitcher

Again, I've found myself working on two projects at once -- at least, it seems that way!

I started X's & Oh's The Stitcher last night. I'm using a 32 ct. Lugana called Carnivale from Stab 'n' Stash. It's a gorgeous colour -- deep pink and deep orange. The floss is Vikki Clayton's Embers (Premium). You can see the chart here: X's & Oh's

I don't have a photo -- hopefully I can post one tomorrow. I've got the outside oval done and am working on the stitcher herself now.

Quaker Garden Sampler is coming along quite nicely. The top is finished, so I've just got the right-hand side and the bottom to finish now.

I'm hoping for two finishes this week.

I am really kicking myself because I've not worked on And They Sinned in almost a month now. I just have too many BIG Wips!

When I finish with QGS & The Stitcher, I have one more small design I want to do. It's called Wisteria by Carolyn Meacham. I plan to stitch that with just two colours -- two variegated flosses by Vikki Clayton -- I think it will look fantastic. I just have to decide on a fabric for it. You can see it here: Wisteria by Serendipity Designs

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