Monday, March 19, 2007

Down to the wire.

If we get back from Georgia Southern early enough tonight, I may be able to finish A New Beginning. If not, it will be tomorrow. (Note: We got back late)

As much as I've enjoyed stitching this piece -- I'll be glad to be finished so I can get back to other projects screaming at me from my stitching bag.

The first think I want to work on is Quaker Garden Sampler. I had really just gotten started on this when ANB took my attention and time. Next, I want to finish House #2 of Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. That's long over-due for attention as well.

Of course, I have one piece that absolutely MUST be done before the 1st of May and that's my Tybee Lighthouse for Mike. But that's a quick stitch -- I've stitched that lighthouse at least three (possibly four) times now. All of those were stitched on aida many years ago using DMC -- this time I'm using a gorgeous 32 ct. Lugana from Stab 'n' Stash called Sunrise and Vikki Clayton's silks.

They've also changed the Daymark of the Tybee Lighthouse -- so I do have to make a couple of changes. The roofs on the outer buildings are a darker red than before as well. Not too many changes, though.

Oh, well, time to get back to it!

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