Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More silk!

My silks arrived today for Elizabeth and The Lavender Sky! Thank you, Vikki!
I also received 7 skeins of Premium Dark Purple -- let me tell you -- that colour is just scrumptious! I can't wait to use it!

I also received Eightsome Reel from Elegant Stitch. That one had been on back order for sometime -- even before I started on the 10 / 25 / 50 Challenge -- so it doesn't really count as "new" stash because it's on my challenge list. I'm considering the Deep Purple for it, but Mike likes the idea of using the silks from A New Beginning -- so, I have to really think about that one!

All in all -- a good day for stash!

I'm expecting some new fabric from Stab 'n' Stash -- that's for my anniversary gift to Mike. I think I have enough silk to do that project without ordering more -- we'll see. But, hey, I never mind ordering more silks or fabrics!

My DD is getting some 16 ct. aida for her Hinzeit project: MUSIC. The colour is called Bloody Mary! It really ought to looked wicked. I think she's going to use Vikki's Inky Depths, too.

Also expecting two more packages of silk from Vikki. One package for In a Quaker Fashion (a small Quaker from the late Sue Gastler) and one for the HDF conversion of the Candy Box.

About the only thing that threw things off-kilter today was my DD's insistence that we change the fabric for E&TLS -- we switched from a deep purple 32 ct Lugana from Silkweaver to a 28 ct. light lavender Lugana from Sugar Maple. I'll only have about 2 inches for the borders if we do switch -- but I can always get my sister to tack on some muslin around the edges if need be.
I also discovered that some parts of E&TLS won't need to be 'filled in' as the colour of the fabric will serve as a nice background.
I'm also changing the hair colour in the design to Marque des Cercles... as my DD's hair is a deep honey blonde.

As much as I want to get started on this -- I really have to force myself to wait until I have at least -- AT LEAST -- two projects completed. I have 8 motifs left on A New Beginning so that's close... but both St. Georges & Quaker Garden Sampler are only about 1/5 complete.

I am resolved to get E&TLS finished this year for my girl -- but whether it'll be for her 15th Birthday or Christmas is anybody's guess.

The Candy Box is for Mike -- for 2008. I can finish just one "candy" per week and still finish in plenty of time!

I had promised myself NOT to have so many WIPs this year... and I'm already on 7 with the candy box to begin on Saint Valentine's Day.

I never learn.

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